Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ollie the Miniature Schnauzer

My Miniature Schnauzer is called Ollie.

He's of the black and silver variety and is a stunning creature, though I say it myself. I have to admit that when he's just been out on a run in the local forest or down on the beach he looks a tatty as any mutt you'd see roaming round the streets.

But when he has just been groomed, when his beard is clean and smooth, his paws are fluffy and soft and his skirt is combed out he could give any Crufts champion a run for their money!

We didn't get him to show though. We bought a pet and that is exactly what he is.

Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most intelligent dogs you could ever find. Just give a mini schnauzer the chance to learn something new and they will amaze you with their ability to adapt - especially if food's involved!!

For anyone thinking of buying a companion dog, a miniature schnauzer has got to be one of the best. Minis are (as the name suggests) small dogs. Schnauzers will run forever if you want to exercise them or they will lie in front of the fire all day - whatever mood you may be in. A schnauzer will sit and listen to you and you'd think he understood every word - their expressions are so varied and cute.

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